20 Great Gifts for the Fashion Lover

Although Christmas just passed and I still find myself ripping off tags of clothes that Santa brought me, gifts are given and received at all times of the year. Besides the holidays, the only time I'm unwrapping a box is my birthday. The rest of the year I'm wrapping gifts to give to my friends and family.

Personally, I'm a little tricky to please. My taste in fashion is very eclectic but there are still pieces that are "No way!" that come from the same shop as "I'll be keeping this forever!" making it very hard for my mom, dad, sister, and friends to discover the 'perfect gift.' If I find myself feeling like I have 'no clothes' (even though my closet is full) I will look at my mother's closet for inspiration. Browsing through the walk-in closet, I find pieces I would be seen dead with and also pieces I wish were mine.

I'm sure many people experience the fear of buying gifts for someone picky like me. If this is you, look no further, if your birthday girl is a fashion-lover like me, she will love these gifts (your wallet will too at under $50 each)!


One of my friends, also a fellow fashion lover, bought me Lauren Conrad Beauty. I've started reading it and I've found it quite interesting. Another part of this gift that I love is how chic it looks sitting on my shelf! $10 & $14

In the book, P.S.- I made this, Erica Domesek shares many of her DIY projects and secrets all inspired by runways and street style. This is the perfect gift for any crafty person who loves style. $19

The Fashion Game Book is just what is seems to be: a trivia book about fashion. Perfect for the teen fashionista, this gift is a way to learn history bits about fashion in a quizzical way. $45

This gift just looks to amazing and timeless to me, the way the cover is simple makes it stand out even more. The Little Dictionary of Fashion by the designer, Christian Dior, shares little secrets of the fashion world as well as tips to help every girl understand the fundamentals of fashion. $20


Kate Spade Coasters are little cases of glitter, perfect for parties or just around the home. $35

These two Kate Spade Notebooks have just the cutest prints, title "Love It" and "Live It." $12

When I first saw this I immediately thought I LOVE THIS because it's so abnormally perfect. I would love to have this Footed Vase! $33

Tech Accessories

This Marc Jacobs Computer Case comes in this green and blue color. There is no chance of losing this fun, bright piece in your luggage or purse. $50

These simple gloves are not just ordinary gloves, they are Fleece Lined Smartphone Gloves. That means your hands can stay warm on an early morning jog, walking to work, or at the park with friends all while using your phone! Regular gloves cannot 'grip' the screen but these ones can! $40

This adorable, bright, geometric iPad mini case by Jonathan Adler is just too cute! Not only is it cute but also practical because it will protect your tablet from your clumsy hands that will someday drop it! This case also functions as a stand. $32

This little device is the Triple C iSolar Backup charger. All you need is a dead phone battery, USB cord, and this guy! What's even better is that it is solar charged- you phone will gain battery from the sun! A good size to store in a purse or clutch for on-the-go charging. $38

I just adore this case. Plain and Simple. The 3-D design just makes it look so chic ahh it is amazing. It is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Faceted iPhone 5/5s case. $42

Beauty, Jewelry, and Accessories

This Daisy Nail Kit from Forever 21 is perfectly trendy. With all the right colors to make your birthday girl's nails adorable. $8

Now just how chic is this statement necklace?! I love the beads and the way it is perfectly layered. Necklaces are my second favorite piece of jewelry because there is no question as if it 'fits' (bracelets and rings) and they just complete an outfit! This is the Adia Kabur layered necklace. $33

Hello my name is Flight 001 Hello Passport Case. This little handy thing stores a passport. Perfect side gift to a vacation! $18

This peachy thing is the Tory Burch Lizzie Printed Mini Train Case. Perfect for storing makeup, jewelry, or toiletries. $38

When you have thick and obnoxious hair like me, headbands or clips are a regular on your head, so why can't they be adorable. This adorable head piece is the Namrata Joshipura Cross Weaved Patterned Turban Headband. $40

I've always wanted a clear umbrella but this striped one is just as cute! I love the pink detailing on the Kate Spade New York Black Stipe Umbrella. The bubble shape is just fabulous! $38

I love these bracelets! They are so unusual compared to cuffs or bangles but decorate your wrist just the same without looking clunky. The pearls and gold compliment each other perfectly! The Juliet & Company Runway Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet. $38

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