The Beginning

I've really always wanted to start a blog for a while now. My mother and I are quite open so when I addressed her about it at the end of the summer she said with school and soccer starting up soon it would be really difficult to keep up with, so I didn't start a blog. Since then it has been in the back of my mind for a while. The other night we were watching a new Modern Family episode together as a family. When one of the characters, Haley, told her parents she started a blog, it brought my blog desire to the front of my mind. I told my mom that I still wanted to start one and she said to go for it.

The next day I started brainstorming name ideas and blog topics. I looked up the meaning of my name, Taylor, which to the site I checked means 'tailor' (my mom said that's not right but who knows?) I came up with Taylored Fashion on a 'punny' whim. At first I thought that the -red ending looked odd but I just loved the way it was a play on my name and how it showed the fashion concept that this blog would embrace. It was decided. I then went on and looked for themes and other aspects that would bring appeal to my blog. Then I got to the task of writing my first blog post. Since I'd already researched topics I knew that I should start with one that people might search for or want to look at for ideas, rather than a post about my opinion. I looked around and found the pictures and wrote the text. 'Click' went the mousepad and up online was my very first (hopefully of many) blog posts. 

I really want this to become a successful blog and that more people's style is embraced and accepted. This will be a blog that contains opinions, but none are meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I hope to enlighten any readers I have. Any suggestions for posts can be left in the comments and I will work on compiling a post that informs and answers your questions. That being said, I do have a busy schedule with school, homework, social commitments, soccer, and other activities. Hopefully you'll stick around. Thanks!

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