4 Ways to Wear: Sequins

Sequins, sequins, sequins. Once flashy, but no longer trashy. This takes anything from the boyfriend jean to the letterman jacket to the little black dress to chic. There are so many pieces you can wear with sequins; tops, skirts, pants, hats, coats, shorts, jewelry, dresses, jackets, shoes, and so forth. When experimenting with large groups of sequins make sure the sparkle of jewelry is a minimum and that you never clash sequins (don't wear a sequin top with a sequin pant and throw in a shiny rhinestoned statement necklace). They are perfect not only around the holidays, but for the entire year. Now that the bases have been covered here are four (different) ways to wear sequins.

1. Blazers

Blazers have gone in an out of style time and time again. They make any old tee, along with a pair of heels, the perfect dinner combo. That being said, they do the same with sequins!


2. Shorts

I love to wear shorts. In California, weather can be hot one day and cloudy the next but still boiling which means I need a drawer full of shorts. If the heat lasts until the night, it can be hard to find shorts appropriate enough for going out to dinner or a movie date night. That's when sequins can help. They take a regular pair of shorts to glam when paired with the perfect top.


3. Pants

Who doesn't love a comfortable pair of pants, but once again, they can be made difficult to go out with. Sequins come to the rescue making a pair of pants drab to fab. Caution: be sure to use sequin pants in moderation. Do not pair with sequin top and sequin shoes.


4. Tops

Tops are my favorite piece to purchase. They can make any jean, pant, short, or skirt that much edgy, chic, classic, flirty, or proper. I'd choose the adjective flirty or chic to describe a sequin top. They are the perfect go-to piece with a dark, cuffed jean and a sporty blazer and everyday jewelry. A sequin top adds bling to an outfit where jewelry won't cut it. It will make you stand out in a crowd- in the good sense.


I hope these 4 Ways to Wear: Sequins shows you new and fresh ways to wear sequins so that next time you are in a department store and see a sequin piece, you'll go for it! (Did I mention you can purchase all the clothes from the photo on the right for under $50)


  1. I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Post.

  2. Amazing post! The shorts are my favourite, I don't know if I'm confident enough to pull it off but they are gorgeous. Love your blog title, so creative! xx


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