A Trend You Should Try: Clear Purses

A trend I'm dying to try is the clear purse. I think it is perfect to go with the LBD to add some pazazz to the dress' simplicity. Embellishments such as rhinestones, studs, or jewels (seen above) can be added. These purses are becoming such a hit that they're are selling DIY kits for them. 

If the $39 price tag is a bit too much for something you would have to make yourself, there are more practical options for the less-crafty type (like me). The bag above runs for $25, a bit more in my comfort zone, but with the right amount of style and flare.

Another option is this Etsy Clear Clutch for the same price of $25, but it also comes in transparent tints in the colors of the rainbow. I like the embellishments and the closure and would be perfect for a night out clutch rather than an everyday purse.

This clear purse is hard, unlike the previous which bend and fold. I just adore the gold knob on the top, taking it from a plastic case to a chic, trendy clutch. One thing to keep in mind is what you store in the purse, if you have 'monthly' goods in there use a small makeup bag like the one in the clutch above. To make the most out of the clarity, put colorful and fun items such as lollipops, sunglasses, and bright lipsticks. Other styles of this cute purse include:


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