Interview with Uhm Chelsea

I recently got the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Chelsea from uhm chelsea ! She is a beautiful and creative girl with an awesome fashion taste! You should definitely check out her blog! She is as sweet as can be and has great fashion and DIY posts!

Here are her answers:

1. Tell me about your self!
well, My name's Chelsea, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy travelling the world with my family, dancing, DIY's and re-decorating my room!

2. What are your 'go to' 3 songs?
Recently my three go-to songs have been 
-Human by Daughter 
-Hold my Liquor by Kanye West
-Ribs by Lorde (let's have a sleepover remix) 

3. Who are your fashion icons?
Defiantly Kendall and Kylie Jenner a well as Khloe Kardashian!
I also adore Miranda Kerr and Alexa Chung's style. 

4. How, Why, and When did you start ‘Uhm Chelsea’
I started up uhmchelsea firstly on tumblr, when i saw girls' blogs like Shelby, Chloe, Zali and Emily... and i started to fell in love with the idea of posting on your own site, and people possibly from all over the world viewing it. I started it about 2 or three weeks ago, and I've gotten a pretty good reception from it so far. So really i was just inspired by other bloggers. 

5. How did you grow in popularity, tips for fellow bloggers?
I get the most views on posts that people enjoy the most like DIY's, and ones that have good quality photos. 
I announce new blog posts on my 1.8k Instagram  which help with views a lot! But i suggest just publicising your blog on social media forms, ask other bloggers how they became so polar and see if you can do a post on each others blog or an interview to get each other known. 

6. Favorite thing to do on the weekend?
hmmm.... probably sitting on my bed all day watching The Kardashian's, scrolling through Tumblr and Pinterest and posting on Instagram, ahahha that's my ideal weekend.... I'm so unsocial! Or travelling, just like going into the city and employing or something, hehe. 

7. What’s your plan for when your older? Job, kids, marriage, pets?
I really don't have one.. for ages i didn't know what i wanted to do as a job, but now i'm steering towards something to do with a magazine, like page layout, i know it sounds stupid, but it really interests me.... yeah like VCD i guess. I want 2 kids, one boy one girl or two girls... And yeah, i dunno, i guess i really don't mind, i'm just still focussing on being a teenager. 

8. What is a secret talent of yours?
Well, it' weird, and not a lot of people will know what i'm talking about, but...
I can sing the entire Periodic table song (look it up), from memory, at the same speed and to the tune.. aha
I actually won 10 blocks of chocolate from my science teacher for reciting it, aha. 

9. Favorite color to wear?
Omg... uhmmm, this is hard! Probably yellow, because it's bright, fun and happy. 

10. Best inexpensive, online store?
MarketHQ! the sale section though, so cheap! (most things) 
I got a 'Hungry Wolf the label' dress for $14, so good! 

11. What are you looking forward to in the 2014 year?
A lot of things actually, my dance concert, finishing year 10, going to Greece, omg i'm just so excited! 

12. Would you ever get a tattoo? If so, what one?
Probably not, but if I HAD TO! I would get a constellation tattoo by Miso 

13. Ever broken a bone or a serious injury?
Iv'e actually never broken a bone, or injured myself badly! touch wood that it never happens, aha...

14. What are some DIYs you want to do?
hmmm.. the plant/succulent in the book and a watermelon pencil case, aha

my question: What other bloggers or people do you admire?
I really admire Tavi Gevinson, Audrey Hepburn, Chloe Larkin from 'a little birdy blog' and Emily Jane from 'Emily Jane blog' 

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