How to: Light Writing

How to do Light Writing!


  • Tripod
  • Camera with 'BULB' function- make sure it is fully charged
  • Place to shoot- has to be 99% dark
  • Glow sticks, flashlights, sparklers
  • 1+ spare people
Steps (Pictures Below)
  1. Set your camera to manual mode, on my dad's camera it was just an M, with the mode dial
  2. Use the main dial to scroll over to the setting BULB
  3. Set up your camera on the tripod in a completely dark space
  4. Have someone stand at a good distance away but in front of the camera with the flashlight or other light creating thing. Have them be prepared to draw something like a crown or spell something like LOVE (note: you have to spell things backwards) 
  5. When everyone is ready, hold down the shutter button & DONT LET GO until the person drawing has finished and then let go of the button
  6. Examine your picture, it may take a couple of times to get it just right but practice makes perfect

action shot!

Other Things You Can Do
  • If you have more than one other person they can outline your model and it turns out really cool
  • Use different colored lights like glow sticks and run around with them at night
  • Stand farther away from the camera with the light under your face and every 4 seconds move around the room
  • Go to the top of the hill over a busy street at night and hold down the shutter for 4-5 seconds for a blurry highway look

creepy, right?

My Best Pictures

Some Inspiration Off the Internet

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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