Last Day of Real School

Today was my last day of 'real' school; and by real I mean day of instruction aka not finals (those are next week :( )

As I reflect back on this sophomore year of high school, I have feelings of happiness, confusion, laughter, sadness, and nostalgia.

There were good times and bad like any school year, but I feel this one had a majority of bad, but I am not going to choose to think of this and that on the bad side rather that I am going to look at it as a learning time with bumps along the road.

Although some of my friends had hurt me occasionally, that is not what I saw when thinking about our memories as I was writing in the yearbooks. (There was only a couple occasions where I was tempted to say, "you've changed and not in the good way", but i resisted and just said "have a great summer".)

Some of my fondest (good) memories:

When Z & M's mom told us that "the song Get Lucky is not about winning the lottery at night"

The Welcome Back Dance where my whole group wore the same outfit.

When A and myself were talking about how excited we were for her ongoing 'project' due in Juanuary (yes, JUANuary).

When at Homecoming M almost face planted because of the massive heels she was wearing.

When at M's sweet 16 I tried for the first time a Pizookie at BJ's restaurant.
When every time J kicked the soccer ball she let out a little squeal.

When S and myself ran into several people at Wango Tango and immediately texted J & E.

When I heard that C said something mean about A, and I was in the middle of it trying to ease tension when I really knew that C was so right, but I didn't want to cause drama.
When my español teacher called me izquierdita (lefty), because I broke my right arm, and still continued to do so even after the cast came off!

When C kept saying dang it when she messed up doing our spanish video.

When Z & M found the ugliest things they could in F21 and tried them on for a "model shoot"

When I got to hold Father D's piglet and it did not pee on me!

When M, J, A, and myself went iceskating and I fell on my butt and stupidly refused the help of a hot worker guy my age


Anyways, this year has been so full of crazy things there is too many to name. Moving forward I know where I stand and am proud that I've come this far.

PS: thank you for letting me do this little rant

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