15 Studying Tips for Finals and Beyond!

With the end of the year fastly approaching for lots of my friends, this means cram time for studying.

Although not the best method, I know that cramming for some people works, but for most it does not.

I just finished my Finals and got good grades in the class and on the tests, so here are my tested&approved studying tips!

1. Put the date on the calendar! This will physically be there to 'haunt' you to stop procrastinating

2. Use colorful notecards. Each a different class.

This works especially if you are a visual learner. Sitting there during the test thinking, hmm what is Henry's Law, yes that is Chem so a pink notecard, oh I got it. This helps to focus your brain on a particular topic.

3. Write examples on your notecards.

This helps to realistically think of a term in everyday life. For example, you see lemonade pretty often but now you can recognize that as a solution, making it easier to remember.

4. Make a table of key points you learned in the chapter.

This way you can pinpoint things you need to go over from several chapters ago.

Also useful for study guides and to find which notes the questions are asking about.

 5. Gum

Studies show that if you chew gum when studying a particular topic & chew the same gum while taking the test for that topic, you are more likely to remember the topic because one of your senses is the same,

This might sound crazy, but hey, it won't hurt.

 6. Draw pictures on your note cards.

Sometimes it helps to actually see what you are studying in picture form rather than in just words.

7. Listen to (quiet) classical music while studying.

Another study shows that classical music stimulates the brain. If it will help why not give it a try?

8. Listen to your favorite music.

This personally doesn't help me but I know a lot of my friends say it works.

(btw Miley is not mine just what popped up on Pandora)

9. Make online flashcards.

This is really useful on the go since Quizlet has an app and is on the computer. You can use it in traffic, or waiting for your parents to pick you up from school, or anywhere. It is also completely free.

The only downside for me is that since I am so visual, I get used to the way the words are written down and even the font that it makes remembering what the concept is harder since it is not varied like it would be on flashcards.

10. Come up with a study guide if your teacher doesn't give you one.

Make a plan to do x amount of problems or words a night to not make it too stressful on your self.

11. Have your favorite drink in hand!

I love the SoBe life water in the flavor strawberry dragon fruit. It is so delicious without being too sweet or concentrated. (Not sponsored, btw)

12. Put more than the definition on your flashcard.

I know I covered this with the picture and the example, but also put on more than one definition in case they are both on the test and also put other things that will make it useful.

 13. Study your flashcards nightly.

For me to study 40 words it took about less than 10 minutes. You can do that while taking off make up, or painting your toes.

14. Make studying a game.


Every 5 flashcards right you get a gummy bear, for every 2 wrong you do five jumping jacks.

Play with your friends a game of who can answer it right first.

Game of Twister where in order to move you have to answer a question right.

15. Study with your friends!

They are in the same class as you and studying with them can be more fun than locked in your room.

Go on a coffee run or ask flashcards while walking on the beach or park

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