How to Pass Your Permit Test!

Hi all! I have some big news! I got my driving permit on the 19th! I was nervous going in to the DMV (who ins't!?) but I had prepared a lot for the test and knew I could pass! This is how I did it!

Here is a good method of practicing and preparing to take your Permit test! (rules are based off of my understanding in California, do not apply everywhere)

1. Take the required 25 hour course.
  • If you are like me and don't have a lot of time, look into an online course that lets you go at your own pace based of your own schedule. I used Teen Road to Safety.
  • This might be a problem for you if you are someone who is an auditory learner, or often gets distracted from your work, especially since it is an online class
  • There are lots of online classes so look into that you think would suit you
  • Take budget into mind. I know my parents were nice and paid for my online class but there were still some cheaper than others, just know that most of the time what you pay is what you get
  • Look at online review for classes
  • Don't skip over sections or try to play music to distract yourself- you need to know this information when on the road! Also don't cheat on the little quizzes, they are designed to help you!
  • If something is confusing, don't be worried to study it more or take notes or ask an instructor a question. When I was confused I asked my parents because they knew what the information was trying to convey
2. Schedule an appointment at your local DMV
  • You can also do a walk in but the line for that was several hours long so luckily I had made an appointment
  • The closest appointment at my DMV was two weeks away which gave me more than enough time to study 
  • If there is not a far away appointment date I would make the appointment about a week away after school
  • FYI just because I made an appointment doesn't mean that I was at the front of every line, there was still a little waiting so plan accordingly
3. Study!
  • I found 5 free online DMV practice tests and I took those and studied the ones I got wrong
  • You know how comfortable you feel. Even if you feel 100% studying a little doesn't hurt
  • I had my mom ask me some of the questions just to practice
  • If your friend is studying too make a coffee date and have fun together
  • Know the rules about who and when you can drive people after you get your permit and license
  • If it helps, make flashcards!
  • I studied about every other night about 20 questions that I found online
4. Head to the DMV
  • Wear a top you'd want to be pictured in because they take your picture right there and it will be the one on your license. The picture is about upper shoulders up to the top of your head
  • Have all your paperwork with you. I needed birth certificate, completion of driving school, appointment confirmation, paperwork to apply for the permit, and a $33 check (which covers three tests in case you don't pass the first time)
  • Once all your paperwork has been confirmed they have you sign your signature for the permit, take the picture, and record your fingerprint
  • They'll give you the test and a pencil and you go take it standing up with a little divider in between you and the person next to you
  • The test is 46 questions (at least in CA) and when you are done you turn it in to someone who hand grades it
  • Based on how many papers are in front of you it could take 3-15 *nerve-racking* minutes.
  • They will call you over and either say you passed and give you your permit or you failed and give you your test back and tell you to study some more
5. Celebrate Your Pass!
  • Go to the Starbucks or Ice Cream shop with your friends and cheers to the hard work you put into getting your permit, you deserve it
  • Make sure to schedule your first Behind-the-Wheel practice with a professional driver. You need to do one 2 hour lesson before you can drive with your parents.
  • I would talk to your parents about what their own driving rules are to see their take on the situation.
  • Know that 50 hours you will be learning to drive from your parents so be kind and thankful


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