My Favorite YouTuber- kaileemckenzie

As most fashion lovers, I love looking at all of youtube's 'beauty & fashion gurus' to find blog inspiration as well as life, fashion, and beauty inspiration.

For years I've been watching kaileemckenzie. She is currently a junior in high school that has a unique but affordable fashion sense and posts regularly. She does everything from DIYs to Diary posts. She even has a vlog channel too!

She might not have millions of followers but she is definitely my favorite because she just seems so real compared to some of the other fashion & beauty youtubers. My favorite video so far is the Thrifting Haul Video. Her editing skills are quite cool, too. Here are a couple of her videos:

Her videos normally do not run too long which is great for watching with a busy schedule or on the go. They are never boring and she has a unique sense of style that she rocks without a second thought.

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